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Friday, May 27, 2011

Poporn! Low calorie AND low Cost!

About to pop in a movie with the boyfriend? Looking for a cheap snack for the kids? Need to budget a bit tighter this month and don't want to spend all your money on cookies, candies, and chips? What about POPCORN?

Popcorn doesn't have to be that buttery salty gooy microwave popcorn you buy (although it can be if you like that). There are many cost effective ways to get light fluffy air popped popcorn which you can add toppings to yourself if you choose. Or munch on plain for a low calorie and low cost snack!

You can buy air popping microwave bowls at stores such as Target and Walmart for a low price. All you add are the seeds and watch it pop in the microwave! No need to buy an air popper, no need to have all the salt and butter (unless you like it).

I own a  Nordic Wear popcorn popper bowl which you can buy on Amazon for 8.89. It has worked for me many years without problems. All you do is add the seeds and microwave! The best part about this is that popcorn kernels are insanely cheap. A two dollar bag of popcorn seeds can last you a very very long time. This makes each serving of this snack mere pennies! You can snack to your hearts content without feeling too bad about price or even calories. 31 calories a cup!!! 

Next time you are budgeting your food costs if you are looking for a fun low calorie snack alternative look no further. :)

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