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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spaghetti! Family Spaghetti night = cheaper monthly food costs

Spaghetti is an awesome meal for the food budget conscious.  It is low cost, filling, and can feel like a nice family meal.  (something hot dogs and ramen lack)

It is easy to get 4 or 5 meals out of just a single pack of noodles and a single can of sauce. 

You can cut up veggies or add mushrooms or meat to make the sauce even more nutritious. ( Adding extras brings the price up significantly)

As for the noodles and sauce themselves they can sit in your cupboard for months before you prepare them. It is a great meal to have sitting around in case of an emergency meal.

By having a family spaghetti night you can significantly reduce the cost of monthly groceries. Feeding 5 people for two dollars!  You can add a simple side salad or frozen vegetables for more variety.

When adding meat to spaghetti remember that it is usually the most expensive part. Instead of using a whole pound of beef in the spaghetti try using only half a pound. You will still be able to taste the beef but you will be cutting your costs significantly.

Nutrition Information: Spaghetti
Nutrition Info : Hunts Spaghetti sauce

Calories (Noodles+ Sauce) = approx. 260
Price (per serving)= Approx $ 0.50

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